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If you are a parent, know that I understand your concern and am willing to go the extra mile to affect positive change in your child.
If you are a student, I am excited to welcome you to experience my class and see the magic unfold.
Now that you are here, let me tell you a story…
As any young mother, I was ecstatic to have birthed a beautiful daughter. I had big plans and dreamed that one day she will be standing on stage and the audience will roar into an applause. (I bet you dream this for your child too!)
As a child I loved performing on stage. I represented my school at every elocution and dramatic competition held across Mumbai, India and have also performed in 3 languages – English, Marathi (State language) and Hindi (National Language). At every family get together, I would take centre stage and dance or act out movie scenes. I loved to hear the applause. This is exactly what I wanted for my daughter. But every child is unique and may or may not have the same characteristics of his/her parents. My daughter turned out to be the opposite. A child who was an extrovert, shy and struggled with lack of confidence and low self-esteem.

About Us

Even at nursery and kindergarten, her teachers complained that she did not speak in class and make friends. This was a big concern for me. Hence, I decided to enroll her in a Speech and Drama class at the age of 6 years, as I believed it was the best way to help her overcome her shyness. My daughter hated the classes as she was being pushed outside her comfort zone, but I encouraged her not to give up and helped by training her at home as well.

As months passed, she started excelling and eventually acquired a distinction at her first Trinity College London exam at the age of 8 years. My daughter transformed from a child struggling with low self-esteem and lack of confidence to a young teen who now performs in front of large audiences. She also went on to bag second place at a Performing Arts competition held in UAE in 2019. The transformation process was time consuming yet rewarding.

Seeing the transformation that I was able to bring about in my daughter, I decided to help more children overcome their fear of communicating and shyness.

Speech Perfect was born in 2016 and since then has transformed the lives of many children by training them to become confident actors and speakers. A humble beginning with two students on my living room couch to more than forty students across two locations in less than two years is the fruit of the love and support of all my students and parents who never fail to appreciate and encourage me to go the extra mile.

Being a holistic health practitioner, I help my students overcome stage fear and lack of confidence through various meditations, breathing, visualisation and memorisation techniques that help them transform not only into confident individuals but also mindful speakers and actors. The learning techniques are varied and interesting since they can be immediately applied in the real world.

My passion for Speech and Drama and Communication Skills, and determination for positive transformation makes Speech Perfect a rewarding journey for every child who wants to explore his/her potential and experience freedom of expression as a confident individual.

Trinity College London

Trinity College London

Founded in 1877, Trinity College London (TCL) promotes and fosters the best possible communicative and performance skills through assessment, content and training which is innovative, personal and authentic.

With over 850,000 candidates a year in more than 60 countries worldwide, TCL qualifications are specifically designed to help students progress with an aim to inspire learners through the creation of assessments that are enjoyable to prepare for and that develop the skills needed in real life.

TCL is fully accredited in the United Kingdom as an independent awarding body, conducting exams globally. TCL graded examinations are accredited in England, Wales and Northern Ireland by Ofqual, CCEA and the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority (QCA). All graded examinations offered by TCL are accredited by the authorities within the National Qualification Framework.

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